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Pediatric Clinic


       Pediatric  clinic  provides  health  services  to  new  -born  babies  through
Teenagers.These  medical  services  are  giving  a  consultation  on  health  promotion,vaccinating  against  diseases ,evaluating  the  child  growth,development and 
Behaviors,diagnosing  and  screening  disesase  in  children,and  also  taking  care  of  child  patients  facing  general  and  specific  illness.To  support  the   competent  development  of
Individual  child,the mentioned  services  are  operated  by  our  experienced  pediatricians,nurse  and  occupational  therapeutist.Hence,the  children  have  great  growth  potentiality  with   physics,intelligence,emotions  and  social  mind.
Medical  services  and  treatment
- To  diagnose  and  cure  the  general  illness in  new  born  babies  to 15 year old patients  by   pediatricians .
- To  check  up  and  give vaccines  to  new-born  babies  through  15 year – old- youths.We  also  offer  a consultation  on  immunization  of  each  age  for  children.
- To  evaluate  the  child  growth and  development.Our  occupational  theraprists  provide  and  advice  on  child-progressed  promotion.
- To  give  an  advice  on nutrition.
- To  give an  advice  on  bringing  up  and  taking  care  of  children


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Monday - Friday , Sunday  09.00 am. - 04.00 pm.

Saturday  08.00 am. - 05.00 pm.


 Dr.Nawaporn Kaimoog

Dr.Wiriya Hengcrawit

Dr.Jidanan Tamrongwringpueng

Dr.Chaiwat Komolchai

Dr.Manasnan Auksaralikitsanti

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