Orthopaedic Clinic

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Orthopaedic Clinic


   The  Orthopaedic  clinic  presents   the  diagnosis   and  therapeutic
Medical  services  regarding  the  bone  system ,muscles,tendons,nerves  and  joints.Orthopaedists  find  any  patients  causes  in  order  to  provide  correct  rehabilitation  to  the  bones  and  joints ,thus,their  orthopedic  health  will  be  recovered  efficiently .The patterns  of  orthopaedic  treatment   contain  medicines,physiotheraphy ,injecton and  surgery.The  orthopaedists  and  specialists:  related-field-doctors,nurse,teams  of  rehabilitation  and  physiotheraphy ,cooperate  to  serve  consultation  and  taking  care  of  patients.they  can spend  their  daily lives  proficiently.


►Clinic Day

Monday - Friday 09.00 am. - 05.00 pm

Sunday 09.00 am. - 12.00 am.


Dr.Somrit Sinthunyathum

Dr.Krerkchai Kengkarnpanit

Dr.Sorawut Sirisak


Contact : Out patient Department / Specialized  Clinic  of  heart  and  coronary  Artery  Diseases / Floor 1

Tel : 032-417-070 -9 Ext. 3113 

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