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Nephro Clinic


        Nephro  clinic   offers  the  diagnosis  and  treatment  about  kidneys  or  the  other  diseases  resulting  from  abnormal  kidneys.This  clinic  provides  hemdialysis  (a  procedure for  cleaning  and  filtering  the  blood  of  patient  whose   kidneys  have failed  acutely  or  chronically.)with  modern  and   high  -tech  dialysis  machines.Each  process  of  treatment  is  concerned  carefully  by  the  nephrologist   and  nurses,furthermore,it  is  controlled  under  the  comfortable ,clean  and  safe  environment.


►Clinic Day

Tuesday  05.00 pm. - 08.00 pm.


Dr.Narathip Thongthap


Contact : Out patient Department / Internal  Medical   Clinic / Floor 1

Tel : 032-417-070-9 Ext.3113

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